Rustee at Sydney Opera House

And so the saga continues . . .
It's quite mind boggling to look back over the last fourty-five years and not recognize the blessings and career of Rustee Allen. From humble beginnings in Oakland, California, the measure of talent infused into his soul has been more than enough to take him around the world. Time and time again!

Fresh off of a major Netherlands, Scandinavia, and U.K. tour with Bobby Womack. Roskilde, Glastonbury, Montreaux Jazz Festival, Vienna Jazz Festivalect Were just a few of the stops! Mr. Allen has endured the highs and lows of life, and still he continues to spread his spirit with generous basslines.

It's easy to expect that things are just picking up steam with this man. Soon to be releasing some new singles featuring himself and other artists, it is appropriate to say that the saga, journey, and legacy of Rustee Allen continues.